Look Into Our Automotive Paint Protection in Jackson, WY This Winter

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Mud, snow and road debris assault your car every winter. This makes automotive paint protection in Jackson, WY a needed item. 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint protection film is often called the “clear bra,” as it protects your front grill without the additional accessory. It also works on side mirrors, door handle cavities, door seals and fender panels. Here’s why you should contact Grand Glass Tint and Sound today and arrange for the installation of 3M Scotchguard Pro Paint protection film:

  • Preserve show room finish: The paint protection film provides a shield against most elements that can damage your car. Insects, rock chips, stains and precipitation can wear away the best paint jobs. If you have a new car and want to keep it looking that way, adding the film will provide that protection. But it is not limited to those with new cars. If you have a preserved antique vehicle or make that extra effort to keep your car or truck shining, you will also enjoy the benefits of 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint film.
  • Maintain color: You can add film without changing the color of your car. This is especially useful if you have a modified or restored vehicle you wish to preserve. It also protects against sunlight, which only intensifies when it reflects off the snow. Not only can you add this feature without any noticeable change in color, but it will also prevent your surface from fading.
  • Easy to install and remove: Drop your car off for protection film installation and it will not take us long to install it. This is not a process that takes days, like a new paint job. Also, if it needs to be removed for any reason, that can happen without compromising your paint.
  • Prevent extra lease fees: When you lease a vehicle, you are held liable for all damage, no matter how small. However, you must also avoid extensive modification, since that can void your contract and force you to purchase the vehicle. To protect your leased vehicle, add 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint film so the chances of damage are greatly reduced. You will have a new car at the beginning of the lease and get to return it in largely similar condition at the end.
  • Low maintenance: While some precautions are necessary, you will continue washing your car as usual. The only difference is that the dirt will not corrode your surface like it would with an untreated vehicle. Many people who install the film also indicate that they no longer require wax, and they spend much less time cleaning and treating their vehicle exteriors.
  • Self-healing technology: This product also offers self-healing technology, which allows most scratches to disappear. You will no longer have to fear that shopping cart collision or careless driver in the parking spot next to you. Any minor day-to-day damage will be a non-issue.

Call Grand Glass Tint and Sound and learn about our options for automotive paint protection in Jackson, WY this winter, including 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint protection film.

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