Control Your Car Remotely with the Linkr System

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How many times have you cursed yourself for forgetting to start your car a few minutes before you have to leave so it has adequate time to defrost? Have you ever dreaded heading back out to the car late at night because you forgot to lock the doors? What about forgetting where you parked your car in the superstore parking lot? These situations can all be in the past with the help of Linkr. This powerful program gives you the ability to start, lock, unlock, open your trunk and even track your car, all from your phone! Linkr gives you total control of your vehicle from practically anywhere in the world.

Read on to discover just a few of the amazing possibilities and more information about all Linkr has to offer.

How does it work?

One of the best things about Linkr is the fact that it’s incredibly easy to use. First, your local source for auto electronics in Jackson, WY will install the Linkr system in your vehicle. It’s directly hardwired to your vehicle, so there’s no dealing with having to connect with the system, like many Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices require. Next, install the app to your smart phone and you’ll be ready to take complete control of your car remotely! The app will send a communication from your phone to the Linkr device. The device will then confirm that the command has been received. It really is that simple!

What are the benefits?

With Linkr, you can easily have complete control of both your vehicle and any security features from practically anywhere in the world. This means you can safely and securely lock or unlock the car doors and open the trunk regardless of whether you’re in your house or miles away. Linkr’s top-of-the-line security features will provide you with an alert if someone attempts to move your car more than 300 feet. Plus, you’ll have the option to turn off your car entirely with the remote engine stop feature if your vehicle is ever compromised.

Is it cost effective?

While Linkr may sound like a luxury, it’s actually quite affordable. You can save hundreds of dollars annually by avoiding having to call a locksmith the next time you accidentally lock your keys in the car. Four different service plans at a variety of price points are available to help you find the option that best fits your needs. All plans include GPS planning, so you’re guaranteed to receive the same amazing features regardless of which level you select. Consult your expert in auto electronics in Jackson, WY to help determine the plan best suited for your lifestyle and usage.

Call the professional installation specialists at Grand Glass Tint and Sound to take advantage of this innovative control system today. Act quickly, though, as the normal $9.95 activation fee has been waived until Jan. 1, 2017! Let us help you customize your vehicle with everything from the Linkr system and GPS navigation to enhanced lighting, custom sound systems and backup cameras. We look forward to helping you!

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