A New Option for Alpine Car Stereos in Jackson, WY

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The latest in Alpine car stereos in Jackson, WY includes the INE-W960HDMI. Replacing the INE-W960, it is the first screen-based Alpine system that comes with a SiriusXM tuner. If you enjoyed Alpine products before, this one is not going to disappoint you. It is also a user-friendly option if you never upgraded your car stereo and settled for the factory models. Here are five features you will enjoy with the new INE-W960HDMI:

  • New additions: This new Alpine model includes two new additions. One is an HDMI input for gaming devices so your passengers will be well entertained on those long summer road trips. Alpine also added a SiriusXM tuner so you can start a subscription or transfer your current one to your new stereo. If you’ve never had SiriusXM, ask about a trial subscription. Your options for entertainment and music expand beyond the original Alpine INE-W960 offerings. The timing is impeccable, since summer is frequently a time for traveling long distances by car!
  • Streaming music choices: If you prefer Pandora to SiriusXM, have no fear—the Alpine streams that service from your smart phone. With the Bluetooth connection and easy access to Pandora QuickSearch features, your favorite playlists transfer effortlessly. New technology assures quality sound even with a wireless connection. If you use an iPhone, let us know so we can adapt your car stereo to it. You can also stream Spotify, and if sometimes you prefer playing a CD, that option remains, too!
  • 3D navigation: Alpine is a leader in text-to-speech and turn-by-turn navigation. Navigation features offer clear graphics and good directions. Landmarks, streets, terrain and buildings are depicted in 3D detail so you will be ready for a turn or at least know what to expect. The system also helps you find gas stations, ATMs and restaurants when you are traveling and just need to stop. Auto Zoom enhances your next driving maneuver so there is no doubt on where you need to change course. It is hard to miss a turn with an Alpine 3D navigation system.
  • Hands-free handling: The preference is to avoid calls while driving, but sometimes it cannot be prevented. If a call comes in on your Alpine system, there is no need to fiddle with the controls to take it. Bluetooth offers hands-free calling, and that keeps you safe behind the wheel. The tuned microphone is designed to reduce interference so anyone who calls will be able to understand you well. You can also use hands-free services for your streaming music and make selection changes without risking a wreck.
  • Camera options: The INE-W960HDMI offers camera input so you can add rear or front view cameras to your vehicle. This feature allows you to expand your lookout and reduce the chances of an accident. If you wish for a stereo upgrade and a backup camera system, this new model makes it easy to integrate both devices.

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