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The sun in Jackson is very strong. Did you know that for every 1,000 feet you go up in elevation, the intensity of UV rays increases by 10 percent? This is a serious factor to consider when it comes to your personal health and comfort outdoors. One main area that deserves consideration is your car. You probably spend a good deal of time in it every week, whether you’re commuting to work, shuttling the kids to soccer practice or heading to the grocery store.

That’s where Grand Glass Tint and Sound can help. We offer quality automotive window tinting in Jackson, WY, with excellent customer service and great prices. Here are just a handful of reasons why investing in tinted auto glass could be a great decision for you.

Safer driving

Have you ever noticed that when people drive into work facing the rising sun, they tend to slow down and drive less reliably? You’ve probably experienced this in your own driving, squinting through your sunglasses and shielding your face with your hands as you try to block out the intense sun to see the road and cars around you. Tinted glass makes this issue a thing of the past. It prevents glare and protects your eyes so you can drive safely in any type of sun.

Cooler commuting

Sunlight isn’t just bright; it’s also extremely hot—especially in a car! No one enjoys driving around town with the sun beating down on them. You start to feel like you’re trapped in a hot box with no way out. With tinted auto glass, you can reduce the heat inside your vehicle by as much as 60 percent. Now you can stop worrying about showing up to work or social events with a layer of sweat under your shirt.

Healthier skin

Speaking of bodily comfort, one of the best aspects of automotive window tinting in Jackson, WY is the protection it affords your skin. We only get one shot at protecting our skin as early on as possible—once the damage is done, it’s frequently very difficult, if not impossible, to reverse. Sun damage can cause skin cancer, sunspots and accelerated aging. When Grand Glass Tint and Sound installs tinted auto glass in your vehicle, you’ll be minimizing your exposure to UV rays by as much as 99 percent.

Protected upholstery

Just as the sun can be a double-edged sword for skin, it can also have the same effect on your car’s interior leather or cloth seats, and even the dash or console. With our high quality window tinting options, you can keep out up to 90 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays, which in turn will keep your upholstery in good condition and protect it from potential warping and fading.

Make sure you stay protected and comfortable so you can enjoy the sunshine without any of the adverse effects. Give Grand Glass Tint and Sound a call today to get automotive window tinting in Jackson, WY installed in your car.

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