The Backup Camera: Tips for Correct Use of Auto Electronics in Jackson, WY

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Backup camera systems are among the most misunderstood of auto electronics in Jackson, WY. While they prevent many types of accidents, insurance claims are rising because drivers do not use them correctly or rely on them too much. If you purchase a backup camera system from us, do not adopt practices that open the door to accidents. Follow these five tips to use the system to its full potential:

  • Treat it as a fourth mirror: Backup cameras do not replace mirrors. Consider it a fourth mirror and use it in tandem with the other mirrors in your car. The camera and each mirror offer a perspective that confirms whether you are safe to back up. Backing up your vehicle still offers the same hazards, and the cameras do not eliminate all of them. Consider your camera an enhancement to your lookout—not a replacement for non-digital equipment.
  • Know the blind spots: Advanced technology involved with backup cameras still has limitations. This includes blind spots, which are often the bane of driving. The location of these areas depends on the type of vehicle and the view managed by your camera. Almost all vehicles have a blind spot right below the bumper, so you will not see small children or animals who scurry under your car. When you first install backup cameras, take the time to know what they miss so you can use them safely.
  • Clean regularly: Backup cameras require minor maintenance. A long drive down a dirt road or a winter that produces snow and ice will distort the image from your cameras. When these events occur, clean your cameras. Road salt especially challenges lenses, and needs to be wiped off as soon as possible. Taking this precaution maintains the safety advantages of backup cameras and helps them last longer.
  • Images may vary: The image produced by a backup camera will be different than what you see in a demonstration or on other cars. Camera location and auto body type affect how the image projects. You may like how the image projects on your friend’s truck, but it will not look the same when you install cameras on your sedan. Just as with blind spots, take time to get used to the image and understand what it truly reveals.
  • Driving skills still count: Backup cameras do not make up for poor driving skills. You must take the usual precautions as you do with cars lacking this system. If you believe there may be broken glass, toys, bicycles or even small children or pets running behind your car, take a walk behind your car and check before you start to drive. As mentioned, the bumper blind spot will not help you with these conditions. Besides checking your mirrors, always look both ways, too. The backup camera expands your view, but it is not an excuse to become lazy with driving.

Grand Glass Tint and Sound offers an assortment of auto electronics in Jackson, WY, including backup camera systems. Visit or call today to ask about installation.

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