Three Reasons to Choose 3M Window Film in Jackson, WY

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Nothing beats relaxing on your porch in your favorite chair, soaking in the beautiful weather. So many wonderful memories are formed from a porch, visiting with friends, enjoying family and taking some time to rest from a busy schedule. Or maybe you have a great view from your home office that gets you through each day—a perk you can’t imagine living without.

These two spaces—porch and office—have something important in common: glass. We already know that glass allows light and beauty to come into any interior space, without also granting passage to bugs or the elements. But did you know that not every aspect of your window glass is so great? That’s why Grand Glass Tint and Sound offers an innovative glass product called 3M window film in Jackson, WY to keep you safe and happy in any residential situation. Here are a few key things you need to know about your glass.

Most glass can’t protect your skin

We need sunlight to live, but this vital part of our lives can also have adverse effects on us if we aren’t properly protected. You probably put on sunscreen if you plan to spend long amounts of time in the sun, so wouldn’t it make sense to also protect yourself if you’ll be sitting in the sun on your porch or in your home office? Intense UV rays from the sun can cause hot spots or even skin cancer, and you can be at risk for those and other damaging conditions just by being exposed to the sun every day without protection. Just because you are behind glass doesn’t mean you are immune to sun damage.

Sunlight is furniture’s worst enemy

We don’t mean to discourage you from owning porch furniture. There are so many wonderful couches and chairs to choose from for your porch, and just as many great options for home office chairs and client seating. No space would be complete without the right furniture to relax on or work from. But you also need to know that sun can cause significant fading in your furniture. It might not happen overnight, but before you know it, you’ll walk into a room and think, “Didn’t that couch used to be a golden yellow with lovely pink flowers?” Instead, you’ll be looking at light, washed-out pastels. No one wants to see their furniture investment depreciate, so it’s time to start protecting it!

It’s easy to prevent sun damage

When it comes to protecting your skin and your furniture, the solution is simple: 3M window film in Jackson, WY will keep out harmful rays, protect your space and prevent fading in your furnishings.

3M Solar Control Window Tinting is a specialty at Grand Glass Tint and Sound. It will deflect solar heat and help keep out damaging UV rays.

The sun is strong, and that’s why we offer strong window film protection. Contact us today to start protecting yourself and your surroundings—you’ll soon be very glad you did!

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