Top Advantages of Using 3M Window Film in Jackson, WY

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Whether your home windows face the blazing afternoon sun or your business building stands in no shade at all, know that there is something you can do about improving indoor comfort, among other things. A great option is to cover your windows with professionally installed window film, but not just any old film—3M window film. Professional window companies offer 3M window film to their customers because they can guarantee they are quality products. Even better, businesses that carry 3M window film products tend to offer phenomenal warranties—that’s how confident they are about 3M window glass films!

You won’t regret investing in a high-quality window film—here are some of the top advantages of using 3M window film in Jackson, WY that prove it:

  • Reduces UV rays and glare: Harsh sunlight can do a number on your eyes and vision. Luckily, 3M window film can significantly reduce the amount of ultraviolet light coming into your home or business. This specific UV protection saves your skin and eyes, and keeps furniture, fabrics, wood, carpet, artwork and more from fading. Moreover, 3M window film reduces glare so you can see what’s on your television and computer screens without squinting.
  • Lowers energy consumption and bills: If you want to lower your cooling costs and always be comfortable inside, then consider investing in 3M window film installation. The film blocks out a good majority of the sun, meaning your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard. And when you lower your energy consumption because you’re not using the AC as much, you are likely to see a reduction in your energy bills as well.
  • Resistant to shatter: 3M knows that the safety of your family or employees is important, which is why their film products are made to be as shatter resistant as possible. You’ll have peace of mind with 3M on your side!
  • Prevents crime: Security window films are meant to protect you from the sun as well as from criminals. These films—along with their shatter resistant properties—fight against vandalism, scratching, graffiti and more.
  • Protection from the weather: 3M window film in Jackson, WY is tough, and able to hold up well in rainstorms, heavy winds, earthquakes and other natural disasters. It’s also good to note that it performs rather well in most any climate.
  • Excellent warranties: Something that makes a good company great is providing an unbeatable warranty on what they sell. Not only is 3M the manufacturer of an outstanding window film product, they also have fantastic warranties to back up the integrity of their film. What’s more is that 3M offers a lifetime residential window film warranty, covering problems and defects like cracking, fading, bubbling and film that’s turning purple.

If you hire Grand Glass Tint and Sound to install 3M window film in Jackson, WY on your home or business windows, you can rest assured you are getting a genuine 3M product. We do not carry third-party materials—only 3M manufactured. Contact our team today to learn more about the benefits of using a premium window film!

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