Five Reasons to Install 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film in Jackson, WY

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The Clear Bra film from 3M is a clear paint protection film (PPF) that can be applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle’s exterior—including the hood, bumper, side mirror casings, fenders and skirts. This product is made to protect your vehicle paint from all sorts of things that can cause damage, like chips, scratches, plastered bugs, bird droppings and the elements. This paint protection film also offers a host of other benefits, and is especially desired by car fanatics and those who just want to preserve the condition of their vehicle.

If you are not too familiar with PPF, but want to know more, then take a look at the following five reasons to install 3M Clear Bra paint protection film in Jackson, WY:

  • PPF protects vehicle exteriors: Every car owner or driver knows that the roads and freeways are covered in all sorts of debris just waiting to get kicked up and hit your vehicle. The most common types of road debris are rocks, loose asphalt and shredded pieces of tire, which can scratch, chip or ding the front of your car. Other things that damage vehicle surfaces—and that are hard to clean off once they’ve settled on—include bugs that get smashed on impact and bird droppings. Install a paint protection film to keep your vehicle looking nice.
  • PPF is a very tough product: The military has used a type of clear urethane protection film on combat vehicles; the concept was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from failing after being hit by rocks, stone, gravel, heavy dust and other debris. The film also reduces repair costs to military vehicles and ensures they can remain in the field doing their job. If PPF is used successfully on military vehicles, then it’s sure to protect your car, truck or SUV!
  • PPF does not show: The great thing about high-quality 3M Clear Bra PPF is that you can’t see it once it adheres to your vehicle. You will clearly see your vehicle paint, and your car will still shine pretty while it’s being protected from damage. But the key is to use a reputable brand and an experienced PPF installer; otherwise, the film may not be as clear or smooth as you’d like it to be.
  • A custom installation yields better protection: It’s best to invest in a quality custom PPF installation. When you choose a custom install, the film will fit exactly to your vehicle without extra material hanging off or chunking.
  • Excellent warranty protection: Vehicle paint protection film technology has excelled far beyond the expectations of film manufacturers, and still continues to do so. The 3M Clear Bra PPF product is meant to shield your vehicle from exterior damage, and the warranty protects your investment. A seven-year warranty is available that covers your paint protection film in the event of peeling, cracking, bubbling or yellowing.

At Grand Glass Tint and Sound, we are proud to offer and install 3M Clear Bra paint protection film in Jackson, WY. Contact our knowledgeable team today for more information about PPF!

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