Check Out Auto Electronics in Jackson, WY from Alpine and Enjoy Wireless Audio and More

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These days, it often seems as though technology is getting an upgrade or there’s some kind of new technological device being created and put out for customer purchase every few months or so. Technology happens so quickly that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the changes. Many people are either high-tech people or try to avoid it at all costs. If you are in the former camp, own a vehicle and crave new automotive electronic technology, then you are going to enjoy the following announcement: Alpine has released new automotive electronics with wireless Apple CarPlay—and touchscreens!

Let’s take a look at the newly released Alpine auto electronics in Jackson, WY: iLX-107 and iLX-207.

The iLX-107

Alpine has introduced an Apple CarPlay specific aftermarket in-dash receiver called the iLX-107, now available for purchase in North America. It has a 7-inch touchscreen, but what drivers desire most in this electronic is that it’s a convenient way to use Apple CarPlay when they are in their vehicles. In early 2017, the iLX-107 was awarded a CES Innovations Award for excellent engineering and design.

More features of the iLX-107 include,AM/FM listening, an LED backlit touchscreen that offers bright visibility and compatibility with other Alpine audio systems. As for Apple CarPlay, it is likely the most popular feature among iLX-107 customers. It’s wireless and automatically connects to your iPhone so you can play music, make and receive calls, retrieve text messages and get driving directions, all while keeping your focus on driving. All of these features are activated via touchscreen or Siri voice control and heard through your vehicle’s speaker system.

Additionally, car owners can use the iLX-107 to control external vehicle accessories, such as light bars and motorized tonneau covers.

The iLX-207

Now available for purchase is the first Alpine system to offer both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability: the iLX-207. This mechless audio/video system comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and optimized smart phone connectivity. It’s said that the iLX-207 is a fantastic electronic for those who depend on their phones a lot, but also want to be safe when using their vehicle’s phone features.

The iLX-207 is an AM/FM system with Bluetooth wireless technology and optimized to connect with iPhone or Android. Apple CarPlay works through the touchscreen or Siri voice control so drivers can access text messages, make and receive phone calls, ask for directions and play music, but stay focused on the road at the same time. Android users can enjoy a simplified interface, larger touch targets and easy voice actions. Use the touchscreen or voice control option as a safe way to listen to music, get driving directions and receive calls and texts.

At Grand Glass Tint and Sound, we are proud to offer a selection of high-quality auto electronics in Jackson, WY. Choose from the latest and greatest, from Alpine’s line of car stereos enabled with touchscreen DVD, navigation and Bluetooth to Alpine speakers and subwoofers. Call us for more information or a free estimate today!

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