Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold: Choose an Excalibur Remote Start System!

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Of all the auto electronics in Jackson, WY that you can choose to install in your vehicle, a remote starter should top your list. A remote starter is a convenient feature on many modern vehicles, and either comes already installed in a brand new vehicle or can be purchased as an aftermarket add-on.

It is a great addition for any driver, but especially so for those who live in an area where weather conditions can be brutal. The first thing to know about a remote starter for cars is that it allows drivers to start their car’s engine with a remote control in the form of an electronic key fob. That means you get the advantage of warming up or cooling down your vehicle before getting in. This is just one benefit of remote vehicle starters.

Before installing other kinds of auto electronics in Jackson, WY, check out these good reasons why you should invest in a remote starter.

A comfortable ride

As mentioned, the huge advantage of having a remote starter is having the power to create a comfortable cab environment before you get in. When you leave your heater or air conditioner turned on, you can use your remote starter to cool or warm your car, then wait a few minutes while the temperature control runs. The keys do not need to be in the ignition to use a remote starter, which is why quality remote starters will include a control for you to keep the doors locked. This adds a sense of security.


Remote starters also offer safety benefits to users. Think about how icy your windshield can get on freezing winter days, and how much easier it would be to scrape off the ice layers if they were even a little bit melted. When you allow a chilly car to warm up before you start driving, it will be much easier to defrost and scrape windows, resulting in better visibly. Warming up your vehicle for several minutes can also melt ice and snow off headlights, brake lights, hi-beams and other exterior lights. Other motorists will be able to see you, and you’ll see the road more clearly.

Warms the engine

Your engine can benefit from a warm-up as well. After all, the engine needs to be warm before your heater or AC can start producing hot or cold air. Also, the motor oil is warmed by the engine, waking it up to lubricate moving parts with properly heated oil. In short, remote starters contribute to engine care.

If you’re ready to invest in a remote starter, choose an Excalibur remote start system. If you think a remote starter is in your future, then Excalibur remote starters are definitely worth a look. Excalibur remote starters are quality products, and this highly rated brand comes with a lifetime warranty.

At Grand Glass Tint and Sound, we are pleased to offer our customers Excalibur remote starters, as well as other popular and beneficial auto electronics in Jackson, WY. Call us for more information or to ask any questions about what we have in stock—we are here to help!

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