Washing Your Car After Window Tinting in Jackson, WY

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Getting your windows tinted is a great way to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays, improve the appearance of your vehicle, reduce glare and improve your visibility, but many people are unsure about how to care for their windows after they have been tinted. After investing in this service, the last thing you want is for your tint to deteriorate or lose its adherence to your windows. It’s important to consider every aspect of care and service that your car will need and whether you will have to make adjustments in order to ensure that your window tint in Jackson, WY is maintained and properly cared for. This includes washing your car.

You might be wondering whether you can wash your car as usual after window tinting, or if you have to take special care around your windows. Thankfully, you will be able to wash your car and your windows after having tinting done without having to worry about your film deteriorating or coming off. This is because window tinting film is applied to the interior of the car’s windows so that things like rain, snow, road debris and water won’t affect it. Although you can continue washing the exterior of your car as normal when you have your windows tinted, it is important to consider how best to care for the tint on your car’s interior:

  • Skip harsh chemicals: Even if your window seems pretty dirty, you generally won’t need to use window cleaners with harsh chemicals. Milder options like soap will do the trick, and you won’t risk damaging your tint with harsh substances.
  • Start with a soft cloth: The first think you want to do when you are cleaning your window is to free up any larger debris. You can do this with a clean, soft cloth. Simply brush the window to clear it off before you proceed with washing it. This is important since trying to wash your window film before clearing debris could cause your tint to become scratched or damaged.
  • Wet the window: Using water, mild soap and a clean sponge, wipe the window. This initial wetting of the window will free up loose dirt and make it easier to clean the window more thoroughly. Once you have wiped your window down with the soapy solution, wipe it again with a clean sponge and water to get rid of any residual soapy film.
  • Dry thoroughly: Use a clean towel to dry your window and work from the top of the window downward to avoid any streaking.

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