Six Tips for Improving the Sound Quality in Your Vehicle

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Sound quality makes a huge difference in how you enjoy and experience your vehicle. When you can turn on the radio or hook up an iPod and crank your favorite song without static, it’s bliss. On the other hand, when you’ve got blown subs or poor speakers, it shows—just think about the scratchy bass and poor reverb you’ve heard from cars at a stoplight.

There’s a common misconception out there that you have to have the very best in speakers and car stereos in Jackson, WY to have quality sound in your vehicle. That’s just not true! While it might help to have high-end equipment, a little bit of attention to your stock speakers can go a long way, along with some mindful use of your interior audio. Take a look at these six simple tips that can help improve the quality of the audio in your car:

  1. Play higher quality audio files. If you’re settling for music that sounds like it was ripped from a CD, it’s time to upgrade your audio files. Consider FLAC, WAV or ALAC file formats for instantly better quality. Lossless audio quality is beautiful through any speaker system.
  2. Bypass the DAC. The “digital-to-analog” converter in your car may not be delivering the audio quality you deserve while you’re blaring tunes on your commute. Use an aftermarket DAC instead to get lossless quality audio without conversion gaps.
  3. Add an amp. There’s a reason an amplifier is among the most coveted aftermarket car upgrades! Having a good amp can bolster your speakers if they’re a little lackluster, by providing the extra wattage they need to perform at their peak.
  4. Fiddle with the equalizer. Unless your entire catalogue of music is perfectly balanced, it might come out sounding less than stellar in your car. Whether you’re partial to classical, death metal, country or gospel, incorporating and equalizer can help improve the sound quality of your music.
  5. Don’t max out your levels. It can be tempting to crank everything up to 11 when your favorite song comes on, but this is going to bring harm to your sound system, rather than make your music sound good. Remember, louder doesn’t equal better quality! Instead, balance your levels lower when you push the volume higher. You’ll get a clearer sound without distortion.
  6. Bring in a subwoofer. For those who rock the bass, a subwoofer is your best friend. It’s going to give you low tonal sounds in exceptional clarity, while also taking the stress off your stock speaker system. You’ll get the rich bump you love without wrecking your speakers or creating noxious reverb.

Before you drop thousands on aftermarket speakers and car stereos in Jackson, WY, consider what you might be able to do with far less money and a little more effort. Take the above tips into account and see if they make inroads toward improving your vehicle’s audio experience.

And, if you need a little guidance or want suggestions from the pros, Grand Glass Tint and Sound is here to help.

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