How Much Does Residential Window Tint Cost?

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At Grand Glass Tint and Sound, we frequently extol the benefits of residential window tinting in Jackson, WY, because we know the exceptional value it brings to homeowners. Whenever we’re explaining these benefits to homeowners, however, the first question is always, “How much will it cost?”

The answer is simple: “It depends on how many windows we’re working with and what type of tint you want.” Let’s break down some of the variables that factor into the cost, then take a look at how these costs are quickly offset by the benefits of the tinting itself.

Variables impacting cost

Before we get into talking about the variables of a single tinting job, let’s go through some ballpark numbers, to give homeowners an idea of what to expect from an estimate. According to a Home Advisor 2016 report on residential tinting:

  • The national average spent on window tint was $614
  • The national cost per whole-home window tinting ranged between $327 and $911
  • The highest reported cost for tinting was $1,500; the lowest was $160

As you can see, there’s quite a range! That’s why it’s so important to know the variables factoring into those numbers. Let’s go through them quickly:

Size and type of window

Perfectly rectangular windows and those of a smaller size are going to be easier to tint, therefore resulting in a lower cost. On the flipside, large windows or those in different shapes (domed, circular, etc.) may add more to your cost.

Number of windows

Tinting jobs are primarily determined on a per-window scale, which means this is going to be the biggest factor in determining the cost of residential window tinting in Jackson, WY. The average home has between 12 and 16 windows. If your home falls on the lower side with 12 or fewer, you can expect a low-end quote. Homes with 16, 20, 24 or more windows will scale higher by nature.

Type of film

Are you simply looking for solar protection film? Or, do you need security pane tinting for certain windows? Are you applying a single type of film across all windows or do you need multiple types of tint depending on the location of the panes? These variables can skew quotes higher as the needs become more complex. On the other hand, the simpler the job, the lower the quote.

Understanding the benefits

No matter how much it costs to tint your home’s windows, you’ll undoubtedly start recouping those costs immediately—mostly through energy savings. Tinting windows blocks UV light from entering your home, which can save you costs in the form of:

  • Lower energy bills due to a more efficient HVAC system
  • Lower HVAC repair costs due to less wear on furnace and AC units
  • Lower material repair and replacement costs for carpets/furniture/wallpaper

It’s best to think about it in terms of exchanged dollars. If it costs you $600 to install window tinting and that tinting lowers your monthly utility costs by $20 per month, you’ll have recouped your investment in 30 months, thereafter effectively saving money you otherwise would have spent!

To get real numbers for your home tinting job and see how they stack up against potential savings, talk to the professionals at Grand Glass Tint and Sound today about residential window tinting in Jackson, WY.

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