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Backup cameras are excellent tools that can significantly enhance safety for people inside and outside of moving vehicles. These new, modern devices allow drivers to see the outside of their vehicle like never before. Backup cameras can prevent a wide range of serious accidents, especially in residential areas where pets and children play. There are a wide range of backup cameras that meet different vehicle requirements and budgetary constraints. If you are considering installing a backup camera in your car, van or truck, you should first consult with a qualified purveyor of auto electronics in Jackson, WY.

Benefits of installation

Backup cameras are typically mounted above the license plate and feed into a display placed somewhere on or near your car’s dashboard. There are a number of reasons that you should consider installing a backup camera in your car, including:

  • Personal safety: Installing a backup camera in your car is an excellent way to protect yourself and other passengers in your vehicle! Abrupt rear collisions can cause whiplash, and may result in the airbag deploying.
  • Pedestrian safety: It can be a challenge to see who or what is behind your vehicle while you are backing up. By investing in a backup camera, you are protecting pedestrians, children and pets that may be outside your field of vision while driving.
  • Minimizes fender benders: Backing up, even at slow speeds, is one of the most common causes of vehicular damage. You can avoid hitting poles, trash cans and neighboring vehicles by investing in a backup camera for your car.

Service options

Since 1988, Grand Glass Tint and Sound has been the premier provider of auto electronics in Jackson, WY. We are proud to provide communities in and around Jackson with high-quality backup cameras. We are here to help you make your vehicle safer for you, your children and your neighbors. If you are looking for a one-stop shop that meets all of your auto electronics needs, look no further than Grand Glass Tint and Sound!

We offer several different installation options for the Rydeen CM3-LED backup camera. Rydeen offers some of the most advanced backup safety technology available, and we’re proud to sell these outstanding devices. Here are the ways we can help you enhance your vehicle’s safety:

  • Stereo replacement: The most popular way to install a Rydeen CM3-LED backup camera is to remove your car’s old stereo, and replace it with a Rydeen monitor. This is the most expensive installation option we offer.
  • Rearview mirror replacement: For purchasers with a mid-range budget, we can remove your vehicle’s rearview mirror and replace it with a Rydeen CM3-LED monitor. This method places your monitor in a convenient, natural location.
  • Dash mount monitor: For price-conscious purchasers, we can install a dash-mounted monitor in your vehicle. We are proud to offer services that meet the budgetary needs of every driver in the region.

If you would like to learn more about installing a backup camera on your car, call Grand Glass Tint and Sound today! We can provide you with a quote, and help you make your car safer than ever before!

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