Car Tech Highlights from CES 2018

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What’s the latest in auto electronics in Jackson, WY? The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) offers insight into what trends are up and coming in the industry. A look at the tech at this event offers a glimpse into the future of car features. While you won’t find most of CES tech in current vehicles, the trends on display at this show are what we can expect in vehicles rolling off the line in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s a closer look at the top trends showcased at CES this year. Keep an eye out for these sleek tech features to appear in cars in the next four or five years.

  • Infotainment screens: Yes, many vehicles already have large displays, but future screens will dwarf current monitors. From 12 inches to a full meter wide, these longitudinal displays are massive and impressive. You’ll have everything in sight and at your fingertips.
  • Cockpits: Manufacturers are putting the cockpit concept into cars. Digital cockpits were common at CES 2018. In-car displays and entertainment are a huge trend and seem to be here to stay. Prepare to launch!
  • Mobility: An emerging theme in auto electronics in Jackson, WY is to find ways to get people around in faster, safer and more efficient ways. Ride-sharing devices, self-driving scooters and other mobility concepts are being rolled out in hopes of helping the disabled, disadvantaged and elderly get around easier.
  • AI: Asking Siri for assistance was just the beginning. Just about every car at CES featured artificial intelligence and in-car assistants. Look forward to bossing your car around and getting exactly what you need to make your ride smoother. For instance, you’ll be able to tell your car that you’re cold, and your AI assistant will turn on the heat.
  • Pods: Look for tightly packed capsules for future transportation options. Pod cars are a hot item. Some are autonomous, and some are not. One company even offered a pod-like flying taxi at CES.
  • Brain-to-vehicle tech: To use brain-to-vehicle technology, the driver wears a wired cap that allows the car to measure brain wave activity. The goal is to help the person drive better. The car will learn to anticipate the driver’s intended actions and shorten reaction times.
  • Cellular vehicle-to-everything: Future cars will be connected to everything. Watch for Wi-Fi hotspots, location services and remote unlocking. With cellular vehicle-to-everything, vehicles will be able to communicate with other vehicles, gas pumps and traffic lights. Using cellular networks rather than Wi-Fi, communication will be quicker and possible even when there is no signal. Potential applications include warnings about icy road conditions and seeing around blind corners.

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