How Window Film Can Help Prevent Sun Damage

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The interior of your home and items like furniture, carpets, hardwood flooring, antiques and artwork are liable to be damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. This can surface in fading, peeling and cracking, leaving your once pristine home looking less striking. UVA and UVB rays do most of the damage. And it’s not just on sunny days and in hot climates where this occurs—even on cloudy days, these rays can do damage.

Luckily, by using window film in Jackson, WY, you can prevent the harmful effects of UV rays. It’s less expensive than you think, and the installation process can be a breeze. Window film has a variety of benefits that will keep your home and belongings looking great, including:

  • Protection level: Some window film protects the interior of your home from 85 percent of harmful UV rays. This may be sufficient for you, or you might want to upgrade. Luckily, film that protects up to 99 percent is now available. This ensures the interior of your home will have maximum protection and will extend the lifespan of your furniture and flooring.
  • Lower energy costs: A great side benefit to installing window film is that it can actually help cool your home during the summer, saving you money on your air conditioning bill. For example, skylights, while a nice decorative touch, often lead to heating your home considerably. By placing window film over the skylight, the solar heat is turned down a notch.
  • Reduce glare: Many people mistakenly believe that window film will ruin their view. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Instead, window film actually reduces the sun’s glare, meaning it’s much easier to take in the outdoors. It’ll also be easier for you to watch TV and use your computer on sunny days.
  • Beats the alternatives: Sure, you could cover all your furniture, but then you can’t use it! You could also just pretend that the problem doesn’t exist, but then you’ll find yourself paying to repair or replace décor items and lowering your house’s value. Window film offers an easy, affordable way to protect your largest investment: your home.

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Grand Glass Tint and Sound offers high-quality 3M window film in Jackson, WY for cooling and lighting control, as well as safety glass to protect against the elements and severe weather. If you’re looking to upgrade your car, boat or RV, we’re the place to go for window tinting and protective film that will keep the paint job covered on everything from bug stains to bird droppings. Contact us right now to find out how we can provide you with invaluable assistance—we look forward to working with you!

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