Tips to Maintain Your Newly Installed 3M Window Film

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Windows are an important part of your home. They let in light, open up your space and allow for ventilation when necessary. Unfortunately, windows can also cause damage in the form of discolored furniture, harmful UV rays, poor vision and more. For these reasons, many homeowners make the choice to install window films.

There are many different types of window films that come with a variety of benefits, from cutting down on glare, to insulating against heat or cold, to blocking harmful UV rays that can hurt your skin and damage your furniture. Installing 3M window film in Jackson, WY is a great choice, no matter how large or small your windows may be.

Certainly, window films are also an investment into your home. Many films can last upwards of 10 years, but only when they are properly cleaned and cared for. After your window film has been installed, use these tips to extend its lifespan and keep your windows looking spectacular.

Completing the curing process

After your window film installation in Jackson, WY, your windows still need time to sit and properly cure the film. This process may take 30 days or longer to complete, after which your film will be safely adhered to the window.

Ask your 3M window film provider for the exact length of curing, as these times may depend on the product you select and your environment.

During the curing time, you may notice moisture bubbles or cloudy effects. These are normal, and should not be disrupted. Don’t try to push bubbles out or pop them! They will go away on their own.

Clean carefully

Just like regular windows without film installed, your window film can become dirty over time with fingerprint smudges, dust, pet saliva and more. Once the film has had enough time to set, your windows can be cleaned like they normally would be.

To get your 3M window film in Jackson, WY squeaky-clean, always use soft cloths with a normal window cleaner or a solution of dish detergent and water to wipe windows down. Avoid products with high levels of ammonia, which can eat away at the film with extended use.

Also, steer clear of bristled brushes or paper towels and newspaper, as these can scratch the film. You may not see scratches at first, but as more develop, they will become much more apparent. Dry windows with a soft cloth after using the cleaner.

Window films can also become softer when exposed to sunlight, so clean in the morning or evening for the lowest chance of scratches.

Keep your eyes peeled for peels

With routine cleaning, your window film shouldn’t need any maintenance after installation. If the edge begins peeling away from the window, take extra care not to pull at it, as this can loosen the adhesive and begin the process of wearing away prematurely.

It’s normal for tinted windows to fade over time, but they should still last a long while with proper care and cleaning. Call your provider if you are experiencing problems with your window film. It may be time to replace it, whether because of old age or because the product is defective and covered under warranty.

Trust the experts

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