How to Prevent Cracks in Your Windshield from Spreading

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In many states, your vehicle will not pass a safety inspection if it has windshield cracks or dings that are larger than a certain size. For this reason, knowledge of how to stop a crack from spreading can save you a significant amount of money in replacement costs and also prevent you from having your car taken off the road after failing a safety test.

There are many different types of windshield cracks, all of which are capable of spreading. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening, and it’s not even all that difficult. Even an investment in automotive winding tinting in Jackson, WY can provide an effective means of protecting your windshield against damage.

The main thing to remember when trying to keep a crack from spreading is to prevent anything from getting inside the crack that will put additional, unnecessary stress on the glass, especially water or dust. Even pieces of clear tape can help to keep the crack clean and protected from other types of debris until you’re able to get the glass repaired, but this won’t help protect from a heavy rainstorm or a car wash.

Professionals that provide auto glass repair in Jackson, WY are more than capable of helping you with your windshield chip and crack repair. This is highly recommended to get the best repair results in your crack, especially if you are uncomfortable with doing the job yourself. However, if you do have a little bit of DIY flair, you can patch up some cracks yourself, at least well enough that they’ll avoid spreading. There are two main avenues available to you that will help you prevent the windshield crack from spreading. They are as follows:

  • Using a windshield repair kit: You’re able to purchase windshield repair kits at most automotive stores and repair shops. These kits generally include a windshield adapter and a special type of resin you force into the crack, which helps to seal it against the outdoor elements. The result is less stress on the glass and less of a chance that the crack will spread out farther away from its initial area.
  • Repairing the windshield from scratch: There are ways of repairing a windshield without a windshield repair kit, but it won’t be quite as simple. For this process, you’ll use a 1/16-inch glass drill bit to drill a hole at the very end of the crack, making sure you stop at the first layer of glass. After this, use your resin of choice (available at most hardware stores) to force it into the hole and let it run through the crack. Some people have even been able to resolve the issue with clear acrylic nail polish rather than a specialty resin.

In general, you should take the necessary steps to fix your windshield cracks as soon as possible, whether that means you do it yourself or hire a professional specializing in auto glass repair in Jackson, WY. Otherwise, there’s a chance the long-term integrity of your windshield could be compromised.

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