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A remote car starter can be a great add-on purchase when you get a new vehicle. However, if you’re not familiar with the technology, you very well could make a mistake in the process of purchasing these auto electronics in Jackson, WY.

Here are some of the considerations you’re going to want to keep in mind when purchasing your own remote starter. Reach out to Jackson Tint and Sound for more information.

Make sure your chosen starter has enough range

Manufacturers of remote starters are required to indicate how much of a range the starter will work over. Of course, these are not perfect numbers—obstructions such as walls, buildings and other vehicles might reduce the range. But it’ll at least give you a good sense of how much distance the starter will cover.

For most people, range isn’t extremely important—you probably won’t need to start your vehicle from hundreds or thousands of feet away. However, just about everyone at least wants to be able to start a vehicle from inside a building. Therefore, a little bit of range and some good transmitter power is important to make sure you’re able to achieve your ideal starter use.

Get the starter professionally installed

You’ll get the best results out of your remote car starter if you work with a professional to install it. These installation processes can be quite complicated—if you do not work with someone with the training and experience necessary, a mistake could result in thousands of dollars in damage that will not be covered under the warranty that came with your vehicle.

Just work with a trained professional, who you can trust to do the job correctly and avoid these costly mistakes. In addition, we strongly recommend having the same company from whom you purchased the starter perform the installation—avoiding the “mixing and matching” alternative will prevent any confusion in the job.

Get all the features you want

While there are some remote car starters that are only used for starting your vehicle, there are others that have many different functions, including trunk release, keyless entry, rear window defrost, seat heating and more. Make sure you do your research into the various remote starter options available and the types of features that come with them. Keyless entry is the kind of feature you should really prioritize, especially if you have a newer vehicle. On many newer vehicles, the factory’s keyless entry will not function if the vehicle is already running, meaning if you remotely started the vehicle, the factory keyless feature will not unlock the doors. This means you’ll need the feature on your remote starter.

Looking for more information about what makes for a high-quality remote car starter and why this is an investment that can benefit you and your vehicle in your everyday life? We encourage you to contact Jackson Tint and Sound about auto electronics in Jackson, WY, and we will be happy to tell you more about remote car starters and the installation services we provide.

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