How Important Is a Subwoofer in a Car Stereo in Jackson, WY?

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Are car subwoofers a nuisance, or an essential part of a complete sound system? Your idea of a car subwoofer may be the annoying deep bass that sets off car alarms and irritates everyone else on the road. While a subwoofer can be used to create that booming sound, the truth is that a subwoofer actually is an integral part of any car stereo system in Jackson, WY and is necessary to keep your music sounding crystal clear. Whether your jam is Daft Punk or Debussy, a subwoofer boosts the sound quality of any genre of music.

What is a subwoofer?

At its most basic, a subwoofer is a speaker—but it’s a very special type of speaker. The subwoofer is designed to reproduce the low range of frequencies that standard speakers struggle with. This will result in a clean and better sounding bass. When combined with all the other speakers in your car, your subwoofer can produce the full range of sound frequencies with which your music was intended to be heard. Without a subwoofer, you’ll be able to hear vocals and guitar solos with no problems, but drum beats and sounds from the bass guitar are distant and muffled. Some people compensate by simply turning up the volume, which reduces the overall quality of the sound. A subwoofer is a necessity to truly hear and appreciate your music.

How does a subwoofer work?

A subwoofer works in the same way that all speakers work: sound is created by the movement of air. The difference with a subwoofer is that it uses a deep cone that is needed for low frequencies. The massive cone gives the low frequencies more power and movement than they would receive in a standard speaker.

What types of subwoofers are right for me?

Car stereos in Jackson, WY can be either powered or passive. Powered subwoofers have a power supply directly into the subwoofer, which has a built-in amplifier to power the sound signal. You will be able to adjust the volume to the bass specifically, as well as filter out any unwanted frequencies. A powered subwoofer is the simpler choice.

Passive subwoofers do not have their own power supply and are plugged into a separate amplifier. The amplifier is where you will control how much power to give the subwoofer. You will have to choose a subwoofer and an amplifier, but the benefit is that you can choose an amplifier that meets your specific listening needs.

Another decision to make regarding a subwoofer is whether to choose a sealed enclosure for your speaker or a ported box. Both can enhance the sound in your car, depending on the genre of music that you prefer. The sealed enclosures, called boxes, work very well for music that demands fast, tight, accurate bass. This includes classical, jazz, pop and electronic dance music.

For deeper, bigger and bolder bass sounds, it would be better to use a ported box. This box that would house your subwoofer features a hole. If your genres include rock, heavy metal, hip-hop or rap, this would be the enclosure of choice for you.

Choosing car stereos in Jackson, WY

A subwoofer is a must to achieve a complete sound from your car stereo in Jackson, WY. In deciding which subwoofer is right for you, make the decision with guidance from the experts at Jackson Tint and Sound. Not only can we help you choose the right subwoofer for your tastes and vehicle, we will install it with the service and quality that you expect from the area’s premier auto electronics source since 1988. Call us today to get the right sound for your ride!

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