Alpine Car Stereos

car stereoAlpine car stereos have a robust history of being a first choice among audiophiles and car enthusiasts everywhere. These feature-rich products are engineered with ease-of-use and convenience in mind, bringing you all of the capabilities you demand from your in-dash sound system.

If you’re in the market for Alpine car stereos in Jackson, WY, Jackson Tint and Sound is ready to bring you options that are ideal for your car. We stock an immense selection of Alpine’s new products and classic favorites. Plus, we’re intimately familiar with everything we sell and can answer your questions or provide you with advice based on what features you’re looking for.

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Touchscreen w/Navigation and Bluetooth

With capabilities that support both Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, as well as SiriusXM and Bluetooth® enabled music players, there’s no limit to your audio experience when you choose an Alpine touchscreen in-dash car stereo. Alpine makes it easy to enjoy flawless sound quality through easy touchscreen functionality.
Need directions? Pull up crystal clear maps and turn-by-turn directions on your console interface and enjoy the pinnacle of AVN technologies. Ranging in size up to 9” and across price points, it’s easy to get the Alpine touchscreen stereo that’s ideal for your driving experience. Jackson Tint and Sound will help you narrow your options.

Vehicle Specific Touchscreen w/Navigation and Bluetooth

With vehicle specific models for GM, Ford, Toyota and Dodge vehicles, Alpine makes in-dash stereo integration easy. These tailored products offer all of the functionality, convenience and benefits of Alpine’s general aftermarket class of products, alongside the aesthetics and seamlessness that comes with manufacturer interior standards.
Jackson Tint and Sound is committed to bringing you the ideal option for your vehicle and can help you find the vehicle specific Alpine car stereos in Jackson, WY available to you.

CD w/Bluetooth

Simple, beautiful and incredibly functional, these basic Alpine stereo options deliver uncomplicated benefits no matter what vehicle they’re installed in. Enjoy high-caliber sound controls, hands-free calling, precision tuning, Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary input. There’s no better option for plug-and-play car audio.

To explore all of the car stereos in Jackson, WY we have to offer from Alpine, visit Jackson Tint and Sound today. We’ll make sure you get the stereo option that’s ideal for you.

Alpine Speakers & Subwoofers

Speakers & SubwoofersFor drivers and audiophiles who want clean, consistent sound performance from their vehicle, few options offer better results than Alpine speakers and subwoofers. When paired with Alpine car stereos in Jackson, WY, you’re guaranteed a complete sound experience that’s immersive and engaging.

Jackson Tint and Sound supplies drivers with speakers, subwoofers and other auto electronics in Jackson, WY, designed to deliver the best possible listening experience.

As an authorized Alpine Dealer, we have the products and know-how to help you build the ideal system for your vehicle, whether you prefer heavy bass or pristine voice clarity.

  • Coaxial 2-Way Speakers
  • Coaxial 3-Way Speakers
  • Soft Dome Tweeters
  • Component Speakers

Type R Series Speakers and Woofers

Looking for warmer tones and clearer highs? Want to experience robust sound across all levels of your audio system? Type R Series Speakers and Subwoofers are a staple among Alpine’s extensive range of audio products. This high-caliber line is a favorite among auto enthusiasts because of the unique tweeter construction and exceptional sound output.

At Jackson Tint and Sound, we help you understand the nuances of the Type R Series and can advise you on proper setup, including amp inclusion and mounting. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your investment in Alpine’s quality speaker and woofer products.

Type S Series Speakers and Woofers

For a more affordable price point, without compromising on quality, Type S Series Speakers and Woofers are a leading choice. These speakers lend themselves to any of Alpine’s car stereos in Jackson, WY and can be easily fitted into most vehicles without the need for converters. They deliver great sound performance at all levels, especially the deep lows.

Want to see if the Type S Series Speakers and Woofers are right for you? Jackson Tint and Sound can answer any questions you have and help you understand the technical specs that go along with these respected industry products.

To explore Alpine’s speaker and subwoofer options for yourself or to learn more about what differentiates these high-caliber audio products from others like them on the market, visit Jackson Tint and Sound today to learn more.

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Alpine Amplifers and Sound Processing

Alpine is known for products that have exceptional output and incredible power handling. To support your speakers and woofers, it’s crucial to make sure they’re getting the power they need to operate at peak performance. For this, you can turn to Jackson Tint and Sound for amps and processors, alongside speakers, woofers and Alpine car stereos in Jackson, WY.

Not only do we stock a selection of the brand’s best amps and processors, we’re also incredibly knowledgeable about all of the products we sell. If you’re looking for the authority on car stereos in Jackson, WY, you’ll find all of the answers and information you need with us.


Our selection of high-caliber auto electronics in Jackson, WY includes options from Alpine’s V, PDR, X and PDX amplifier classes. With products ranging from single channel to 5-channel options and various wattages, you’re guaranteed the right product for any sound system setup. Best of all, our knowledgeable experts are able to help you narrow your choices to make sure you’re walking away with an amp that’s ideal for your speaker/woofer setup.


If you need a processor capable of handling OEM or aftermarket sound systems, turn to Jackson Tint and Sound. We’ll make sure you’ve got access to processors that deliver an idyllic sound landscape to your vehicle! Alpine processors are equipped to provide you with amazing sound-shaping capabilities, enabling you to make full use of your speakers and woofer, to capitalize on their power and performance.

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At Jackson Tint and Sound, we know Alpine products better than just about anyone, making us aptly qualified to help our customers get the right setup for their vehicle and sound performance expectations. If you need help choosing the right amp or processor to integrate into your stereo system, let us help.

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