Kicker Speakers and Subwoofers

When it comes to output, nothing quite defines your sound like quality kickers and woofers. These cornerstones of auto electronics in Jackson, WY are where your best investment needs to be made. At Jackson Tint and Sound, we’ll help you evaluate your budget and your sound system needs, introducing you to some of the best kicker speakers and subwoofers from top name brands, including JL Audio.
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JL Kickers

Regardless of what kind of car stereo in Jackson, WY you have, it needs to be supported by kickers that cover the full range of sound quality. To ensure your lows are clean, your mids are balanced and your highs are crisp, it’s crucial to make the investment in high-end kickers.

JL Audio offers customers access to its C-Series speakers, which are engineered for high fidelity sound. Silk dome tweeters and dynamic capabilities define these kickers and enable them to produce unparalleled sound quality across the board. Your sound will come alive with JL Audio kickers, immersing you in a listening experience that’s truly top-of-the-line.

JL Subwoofers

JL Audio woofers feature completely enclosed designs and perfectly engineered angles to produce low-tone performance that’s simply on another level. Each subwoofer is designed for a unique purpose and performance, making it easy for you to upgrade your mobile audio system with a model that fits your system’s profile. Some of the options available through JL Audio include:

  • ProWedge™
  • H.O. Wedge™
  • PowerWedge+™
  • PowerWedge™
  • MicroSub+™
  • MicroSub™
  • BassWedge™

Enhance Your Mobile Audio

Ready to add quality kickers and a powerful woofer to your vehicle’s sound system? Jackson Tint and Sound will help you make the right selection! With exceptional brands like JL Audio behind us, we help you explore your options for high fidelity sound and a performance audio system that meets your highest expectations. Visit us today or call 307-733-2380 for more information.

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