Help Wanted - Part-Time and or Full-Time Technicians, $25-$50 per Hour

Jackson Tint and Sound is seeking to build a fun and reliable workforce to grow and better serve our community with the application of 3M Window Films and the installation of automotive electronics. We are dedicated to achieving absolute perfection of our installation services and are seeking to build a fun yet highly dedicated atmosphere to expand our operating availability. Dedicated long term, short term, and seasonal applicants are welcome to apply!

All motivated applicants and trainees should be available part-time 2-4 Days a week Mon-Sat or full-time 4-5 Days a week with OT available. Performance based pay DOE. We offer a competitive training wage with a rapid growth pay schedule, vacation, PTO and health insurance.

If you have an interest in applying for a position at Jackson Tint and Sound please call us today at 307.733.2380 or email us at 

Window Film Technician

JTAS is looking for experienced or dedicated trainees for a Window Film Technician. Daily duties will include tinting automobiles and some of the most fabulous homes and commercial complexes in and around Jackson, Wyoming. Technician may assist Lead Tech with the installation of automotive electronics.

We are seeking dedicated employees to fulfill the Window Film Technician position immediately or by September 1st.

Automotive Stereo Technician

JTAS is looking for experienced or dedicated trainees for an Automotive Stereo Technician. All motivated applicants and trainees should have a desire to work with their hands, have patience to read instructions, possess a natural ability to problem solve where others can’t and a natural talent to take things apart and then rebuild them. They may also possess a higher learning degree in low-voltage electronics. All others need not apply.

Lead Technician

Applicants should have an extensive amount of experience in the installation and repair of either automotive stereo electronics, low-voltage A/V electronics, or professional window-film installation and/or sales experience. The ideal candidate should be able to perform automotive electrical installations including troubleshooting and repair services without assistance. They should also be able to tint a car without assistance.