Help Wanted - Part-Time and or Full-Time Technicians, $20-$50 per Hour

JTAS is looking for experienced or dedicated trainees for a Window Film Technician and/or an Automotive Stereo Technician with the opportunity to train for Lead Technician and eventually Store Manger. All motivated applicants and trainees should have a desire to work with their hands, have patience to read instructions, possess a natural ability to problem solve where others can’t and a natural talent to take things apart and then rebuild them. They may also possess a higher learning degree in low-voltage electronics. All others need not apply.

Part-time Applicants should be available for part-time positions 2-4 Days a week Mon-Sat, the Lead Technician position 4-5 Days a week with OT available. Performance based pay DOE. $20-$50hr, After 1year of Full-Time service benefits include PTO and Health Insurance.

Lead Technician applicants should have an extensive amount of experience in the installation and repair of either automotive stereo electronics, low-voltage A/V electronics, or professional window-film installation and/or sales experience. The ideal candidate should be able to perform automotive electrical installations including troubleshooting and repair services without assistance, or should be able to film a car and flat windows without assistance.

The Shop Manager will be capable of handling day-to-day operations of the store including scheduling and inventory management, estimating projects and seeing the project through to the final sale including the installation and design associated with window-film and aftermarket automotive and stereo electronics.

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