Current State of Affairs and Operating Procedures

Global economic inflation combined with major supply and labor shortages have forced us to make major decisions on how we need to operate in Jackson Wyoming. We are currently scheduling appointments in the following priority.

    1. Residential and Commercial Window Film Projects - We are a provider of 3M Window Films through previous and current ownership in Jackson Wyoming since 1988 and will continue to serve our community with 3M Window Films and Smart-Tint as an everyday operation.
    2. Automotive Remote Starts - We are fully stocked for the season with over 40 remote-start systems left that are ready for installation in your vehicle as of December 5th. 
    3. Automotive Stereos and other Electronics - purchased from our store only!
    4. Service Calls, Troubleshooting, and Automotive Window Film Installations.
      Prices you are quoted today may change tomorrow. We are doing our best to keep our products priced fairly, we actively offer most of our products at MAP pricing. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. Until supply shortages ease, inflation levels off, and until we obtain properly trained and reliable labor to better serve our community we will be prioritizing our intake of work and limiting our service hours.
        • We may be out of the office or taking a much deserved personal day so please call first to make sure we are available and open to meet with you. 
        • PLEASE LEAVE A VOICEMAIL - We just simply cannot serve everyone at the same time. Some days we just simply cannot answer the phone. If you leave us a voicemail you will get a call back. Please note that we cannot leave you a voicemail if your voicemail is full or not set up; in this situation we will not call back again and assume you will see our missed call.

      Appointment Deposits

      We charge $60 for the first 2hrs + $30 each additional hour to schedule the appointment. Deposit is non-refundable. Re-scheduling appointments is solely at our discretion. Your vehicle must be at our shop by 9am on the day of your appointment. Your appointment is scheduled for the day, not a specific time of day. Please allow us the day to complete your project.

      Special Order Deposits
      We charge 50% deposit for special order products. Refunds are subject to shipping fees, re-stocking fees, 5% payment processing fees, and labor charges for our time. We are not liable for shipping delays.

      We do not accept returns on speakers and subwoofers. All electronics must be certified to be in working or non-working condition and must be checked to confirm all original parts and packaging are (intact, undamaged and in re-sale condition) before processing any return requests. Special order parts are subject to the Special Order Deposits policy.

      Our Installations are guaranteed for the life of the vehicle so long as you own it. If for any reason our installation fails like a loose connector, we have you covered. All of our parts and electronics purchased from us are warrantied for the duration of the manufacturers warranty and we will provide the labor to exchange the parts in the vehicle that are covered under the manufacturers warranty.

      CFE (Customer Furnished Equipment)
      Jackson Tint and Sound does not warranty CFE gear. Jackson Tint and Sound will not be responsible for damages due to Customer Furnished Equipment.