What is a Remote Start?

Remote starts are generally installed underneath your steering column in your vehicle. Remote starts control your vehicle’s ignition circuit and can be programmed to do much more. Most vehicle remote start systems are the brains of an aftermarket vehicle alarm system and can usually operate as an aftermarket keyless entry and remote start right out of the box.

An aftermarket remote start for your car or truck will generally have much further operating distances than factory remote starts. It may also be possible to add an aftermarket remote start system by using your factory key fab. Remote starts can have lock and unlock buttons as well as trunk release and panic buttons or they can be one button systems that simply just start your car. Some of our remote start models we sell in Jackson Wyoming can be operated by your cell phone, have GPS tracking and can send start confirmation messages to your phone or new key fab when started. Some remote starts can even turn on your accessories like rear window defrosters and heated seats.

Whether you just need your new remote start to start your vehicle while you stay warm in your cozy house during the winter or while you stay cool in the summer, Jackson Tint and Sound has remote start options within your budget.

What Does 1 Way and 2 Way Mean?

1 Way remote starts operate like a factory remote start system. On a factory remote start system you might have a dedicated button for starting your vehicle on your factory key fab. You might have to go to a window and see the parking lights flash to know that your vehicle did in fact receive the signal and remote started.

2 Way remote start systems will generally have an audible cue played from your new aftermarket key fab along with an LED light confirming that your vehicle received the signal and then started. 2 Way remote starts are significantly more convenient than 1 Way remote start systems and Jackson Tint and Sound highly recommends 2 Way remote start options when deciding to add a remote start to your vehicle,

Adding a Remote Start to Your Car?

Remote starts for most cars will require the the additional purchase of a bypass module. The bypass module needs to be uploaded with the firmware for your specific vehicle and then must be installed correctly before the bypass module can be programmed to bypass the security chip in your vehicles key. Remote starts and remote start bypasses require dealer access for vehicle specific wiring schematics and tech support. It is highly advised that you only buy from and have our professionals at Jackson Tint and Sound install your new remote start system. Our Omega Excalibur Series remote starts come with lifetime warranties when purchased and installed by Jackson Tint and Sound.

Does your vehicle have a Push to Start ignition system, lock and unlock buttons attached to your key, or do you have a Flip Key? If so you will always need your factory key fab to start your car manually and to operate it. In this case a simple 1 button remote start key fab option is your best and most affordable option. This remote may also be able to lock and unlock your car but will not have dedicated buttons to do so. 1 Button remote start systems sell at a better price point, are generally smaller, slimmer and are available in 2 Way models.

If you have a standard factory key fab then we recommend replacing your key fab with a multi-button remote start system. This system will have dedicated lock, unlock, start, panic and trunk release buttons if applicable. These remote starts are available in 1 Way and 2 Way models and are highly recommended when it’s possible to replace your factory key fab simply for the benefits of being easy and practical to use every day.

Some vehicles require aftermarket remote starts that are designed just for those vehicles. These remote start systems can generally be operated with your factory key fab by hitting the lock button 3 times. They are only available in 2 Way models by adding a 2 Way remote to the system.

Today’s aftermarket remote starts can even be controlled by a cell phone app. They can work over a cellular network allowing accessibility from anywhere in the world that has cell phone service, a yearly cellular service contract may be required. These remote starts can have GPS location and tracking as well as vehicle diagnostic information and a virtual security fence so you know immediately when your vehicle is moving.

So Many Choices, Where Do I Begin?

Omega delivers an unmatched legacy of vehicle security, remote start, and convenience products. Since 1971, Omega thrives on a tradition of unsurpassed quality and value with legendary vehicle security and remote start brands such as Excalibur. Omega Research & Development, Inc., has been an innovative leader in the vehicle security industry for over 40 years.

Jackson Tint and Sound can help you narrow down what Omega Excalibur remote starts are your best options and what obstacles might be found during the installation process. We have decades of A/V installation and car stereo experience to help you select the right remote start for your vehicle and install it.

Budget: Remote starts with bypasses generally start around $430 installed. This completely depends on what is available for your vehicle. A multi-button 2 Way remote start system generally starts around $475 installed. Adding cellular phone connectivity and accessory functionality like adding security and operating heated seats can increase the installation price.

Accessory Functions and Capabilities: Does your car have a manual transmission? Do you have a diesel engine that requires a warm up time? Maybe a turbo that requires a cool down time? Will your remote start need to control your door locks, turn on your rear window defroster, get those heated seats nice and toasty? It’s important to identify how you would like your remote start to work. Wether you just need your remote start to start your vehicle and get the heater working or more, Jackson Tint and Sound is here to help you.

Jackson Tint and Sound isn’t here to just sell you a remote start for your car, Jackson Tint and Sound is here to sell you the right remote start for your car. We are here to provide you with the best professional installation possible. We are here to provide you with un-compromised satisfaction in your remote start purchase. We are here to provide you with parts and labor warranty services on the products you purchase from our store. We stand behind our manufacturers warranties and we stand behind our installation so you can be confident in your purchase of your remote start electronics and so you can enjoy your remote start installation maintenance free for years to come.