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1998 Lexus ES300 Window Tinting

1998 Lexus ES300 Window Tinting

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On this older model 98' Lexus the customer chose the 3M Color Stable 35 to be applied to the front windows to stay Wyoming legal and 3M Color Stable 20 on all the rear windows including the back glass for added protection.

Before - ES300 windows in factory condition.

1998 Lexus ES300 windows in factory condition

After - Front windows 29% VLT, rear windows 13%.

1998 ES300 Front and Rear Windows Tinted

Before and After Back Glass - 1 Piece rear window 13%VLT.

98' Lexus ES300 back glass in factory condition
98' Lexus ES300 back glass tinted with 1 piece of film


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