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  • Install Bay ATFH18MC : 18AWG Inline ATM Fuse Holder

    Install Bay ATFH18MC : 18AWG Inline ATM Fuse Holder

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    18-Gauge Capped ATM-Style Fuse Holder ATM Water resistant 18 gauge fuse holder With cap

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  • Metra ATMLPDT : FUSE BOX Dual Add-on ATM Fuse Holder

    Metra ATMLPDT : Fuse Box Dual Add-on ATM Fuse Holder

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    ATM Low Profile Dual Add A Fuse If you need power for a low-current accessory or an amplifier’s remote turn-on, this Dual Add A Fuse adapter will provide a convenient and safe alternative to running a new wire all the way to your vehicle’s battery. You simply pull out a fuse from your vehicle’s fuse box, then plug the Add A Fuse’s blades into its position in the box. The Add A Fuse has two fuse holder slots: one for the original circuit fuse, and another for a new fuse for the new circuit. The original fuse will still protect its circuit while the new fuse protects the positive voltage provided to your accessory via the red wire. (You’ll provide the accessory’s ground connection to your vehicle’s chassis.) The ATMLPDT Add A Fuse fits into an ATM slot in your fuse box. Installation note: The new fuse and accessory should have a current rating well below the original fuse, otherwise the current draw could overwhelm the original circuit and blow its fuse.

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