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200W x 4 @ 4Ω

Amplifiers with a Power Output Rating of 200-Watts x 4-Channels, 4-Ohm Final Impedance

Amplifiers with a Power Output Rating of 200-Watts x 4-Channels, 4-Ohm Final Impedance

RMS power: This rating of any amplifier is the continuous power rating that an amp is designed to output at a maximum continued volume rating. The RMS power specification is one of two numbers to go by when pairing your speakers with an amplifier, not the only 2 but a good starting point. As an example, a speaker driver with a 200-Watt, or 200W for short, RMS rating should be paired with a two-hundred-watt RMS amplifier. We usually recommend an amp to be over powered by 10% RMS so that the power-plant does not have to work at 100% capacity to get 100-percent efficiency from your speakers. This will keep your amplifier from overheating during long periods of continuous operation.

Ohms: Is the resistance rating of an amp and is the second most important when pairing drivers with amplifiers. A power-plant that is 200W @ 4-ohm might put out 400-Watts @ 2Ω. When purchasing an amplifier, the correct pairing of a speaker’s RMS wattage and Ohm ratings with an amp’s output power rating is absolutely essential.

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  • JL Audio XDM800/8 : 8ch Marine Amplifier, 100W/75W x 8ch @ 2Ω/4Ω. JL Audio XDM800/8 : 8ch Marine Amplifier, top side.

    JL Audio XDM800/8 : 8ch Marine Amplifier, 100W/75W x 8ch @ 2Ω/4Ω

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    XDM-Series 8-Channel Class-D Marine-Grade Amplifier, 100-Watts x 8-Channels @ 2-Ohm or 75-Watts x 8-Channels @ 4-Ohm The ultra-versatile XDM800/8 delivers eight channels of crystal-clear, full-range power and is capable of delivering a whopping 100-watts to each of its channels @ 2-ohms (14.4V, 1% THD). The technology that makes this much power possible in such a compact chassis is JL's advanced NexD high-speed switching design, which permits full bandwidth Class-D operation with extremely low distortion and remarkable efficiency. Suitable for car or boat installations, the XDM800/8 is built with marine-grade materials and features an exclusive, dual-mode input filter for noise-free performance in boats or cars. Automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC-offset sensing) is also onboard for easy factory system upgrades. The XDM800/8 includes a 12dB / octave filter for each channel bank, which can be configured as a low-pass or high-pass filter, and offers continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50-500Hz. With the addition of an optional HD-RLC or MHD-RLC (water-resistant) remote level controller (each sold separately), you have the ability to adjust the level of two, four, or all eight amplifier channels directly from the driver's seat or cockpit. Here are a few examples of how the XDM800/8 can be used: Eight-channel Satellite Amp: drive four pairs of speakers with 75W x 8 Big Four-Channel Satellite Amp: bridge to produce 200W x 4 @ 4Ω Six-Channel System Amp: drive front and rear satellites with 75W x 4 @ 4Ω, plus two 4Ω subwoofers with 200W each Staggered Six-Channel Satellite Amp: drive front speakers with 200W x 2 @ 4Ω, plus four 4Ω speakers with 75W each Staggered Five-Channel Satellite Amp: drive three front speakers with 200W @ 4Ω + rear speakers with 75W x 2 Four-Channel System Amp: drive left and right speakers with 200W x 2 @ 4Ω, plus two 4Ω subwoofers with 200W each Finished in a sleek, black powder-coat, all controls are protected beneath a gasketed, removable top cover for easy access. Specifications @ 4 Ω 75 W RMS x 8 @ 14.4V @ 2 Ω 100 W RMS x 8 @ 14.4V Bridged @ 4Ω 200 W RMS x 4 @ 14.4V Frequency Response 12 Hz - 22 kHz (+0, -1dB) S/N Ratio, referred to highest rated power >104 dB below rated power (A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz noise bandwidth) S/N Ratio, referred to 1 W >84 dB (A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz noise bandwidth) Damping Factor @ 4 Ω >150 / 50 Hz Damping Factor @ 2 Ω >75 / 50 Hz THD+N @ Rated Power <1% @ 2 Ω per Ch. Input Voltage Range @ RCA Inputs 200 mV - 4 V RMS Min.Copper Power / Ground Wire Gauge 4 AWG wire Fuse Rating 80 A (AFS, AGU or MaxiFuse™) Filter Mode(s) Low-Pass or High-Pass Filter Slope(s) 12 dB/octave Filter Frequency Range 50 Hz - 500 Hz Detented, Calibrated Filter Freq. Potentiometers Yes Filter Defeat Function Yes Remote Level Control Optional HD-RLC or MHD-RLC (water-resistant) Remote Level Modes 2 or 4 or All Channels Channel Input Mode Switch Yes (2/4/6/8 ch.) Pass-Through Preamp Output None Source Channel Selection for PreOuts N/A Height (H) 2.05 in / 52 mm Width (W) 14.73 in / 374 mm Depth (D) 7.09 in / 180 mm JL Audio XDM800/8 Manual

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  • 8ch Marine Amplifier 50W x 8ch @ 4Ω, or 100W x 8 @ 2Ω : Kicker 44KXMA8008 8ch Marine Amplifier 50W x 8ch @ 4Ω, or 100W x 8 @ 2Ω : Kicker 44KXMA8008, top side.

    Kicker 48KXMA8008 : 8ch Marine Amplifier 50W x 8ch @ 4Ω, or 100W x 8 @ 2Ω

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    8-Channel Marine Amplifier, 50-Watt x 8ch @ 4-Ohm, 100-Watt x 8 @ 2-Ohm This KXM 8ch marine amplifier uses Class D power technology, KickEQ+™ for 18dB of amplified variable bass boost, and a powerful 24dB crossover and subsonic filter to give you onboard acoustic control to quickly tune your setup. This Kicker KXM 8 channel weatherproof amplifier can be used to power 50-100W for the satellite speakers, 200W RMS power for a sub channel can be readily available when 2 of the eight are bridged. Specifications RMS Power [Watts] @ 14.4V, 4Ω stereo, ≤ 1% THD+N: 50 x 8@ 14.4V, 2Ω stereo, ≤ 1% THD+N: 100 x 8@ 14.4V, 4Ω bridged mono, ≤ 1% THD+N: 200 x 4 Length [in, cm] 14 ¾, 37.4 Height [in, cm] 2 ⅛, 5.5 Width [in, cm] 8 5⁄16 , 21 Frequency Response [Hz] 10Hz–20kHz Signal-to-Noise Ratio [dB] 95 Input Sensitivity 250mV–10V Selectable Electronic Crossover Amp 1 and Amp 2: OFF/HP/LPVariable 10–5,000Hz with X10 switch Amp 3 and Amp 4: OFF/HP/LP/BPVariable HP, 10–500HzVariable LP, 40–5,000Hz with 10X switchSlope: 24dB/octave KickEQ+™ Bass Boost 0-18dB @ 40Hz CEA Power 50 x 8 @ 4 ohms, 14.4VDC, 1% THD, CEA-2006B (Watts) CEA Signal-to-Noise Ratio -75dB CEA-2006B (ref: 1W, A-weighted) Kicker KXMA Amplifier Manual

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