265W RMS

Subs, Speakers and Electronics with an RMS Power Rating of 265-Watts

Subs, Speakers and Electronics with an RMS Power Rating of 265-Watts

The RMS rating of any speaker or subwoofer driver is the continuous power rating that the driver is designed to handle at a maximum volume rating. The RMS rating is one of two numbers to go by when pairing your speakers with an amplifier. As an example, a speaker with a 265-Watt, or 265W for short, RMS rating should be paired with a two-hundred-sixty-five-watt RMS amp. We usually recommend a power-plant to be over powered by 10 – 20% RMS so that the amplifier does not have to work at 100% capacity to get 100% efficiency from your speakers.

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  • Alpine PWD-X5 : 265W Speaker System - 25W x 4ch + 240W Subwoofer

    Alpine PWD-X5 : 265W Speaker System - 25W x 4ch + 240W Subwoofer

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    The PWD-X5’s subwoofer increases the sound system’s overall bass output and when the product is installed under the front seat, it brings the sound stage forward in the vehicle for the best bass and imaging experience. With 165-watts available to the subwoofer and 25-watts x 4 to the speakers, this all-in-one solution lets you create a truly enjoyable and customizable sound experience in just about any in-vehicle cabin space. The PWD-X5 can also be used in non-traditional ways thanks to the Bluetooth® streaming capabilities. In situations where the car radio cannot be replaced, such as in a classic car, music can be streamed to the PWD-X5’s Bluetooth® connection then played through the car’s speakers while utilizing the PWD-X5’s bass and amplified power. If a head unit does not exist, such as on a motorcycle or a side-by-side, the music streamed from a smartphone to the PWD-X5’s Bluetooth® connection is used as the vehicle’s music source.  Specifications 25W x 4 +165W RMS 50W x 4 +240W Peak 4 RCA/Speaker Level Inputs 10-Band Parametric EQ Digital Time Correction Bluetooth Signal Inputs Remote Commander Included OS/Android and Desktop PC Tuning Software 13-13/16” x 9-11/16” x 3-3/16” CES 2019 Innovations Award Winner Alpine PWD-X5 Manual

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