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Shallow Mount

Automotive Head-Units and Electronics with a Short Mounting Depth

Automotive Head-Units and Electronics with a Short Mounting Depth

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  • Last One! Alpine iLX-W670 : 7" DDIN Bluetooth Mechless Head Unit Alpine iLX-W670 : 7" DDIN Bluetooth Mechless Head Unit CarPlay screen.

    Alpine iLX-W670 : 7" DDIN Bluetooth Mechless Head Unit

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    Control your music while keeping your eyes on the road with the iLX-W670. Use two-finger swipe motions anywhere on the 7-inch touchscreen to control volume up or down, skip forward or back, and pause by swiping up, down, left, or right. The iLX-W670 “Works with Apple CarPlay” and lets iPhone users make and receive calls, access text messages, play music, and get directions in a way that allows them to stay focused on the road. Apple CarPlay is accessed through the capacitive touch screen or the mic button to activate Siri voice control and is compatible with iPhone 5 and later (iPhone must be connected via Apple lightning cable). Enhance your music with the new Sound Boost menu, featuring expanded Bass Boost & Mid-Bass Boost controls, subwoofer controls, and a new Lighting Link feature which allows you to control the lighting on Alpine’s PrismaLink subwoofer enclosures directly from your screen, creating a visual symphony that complements your music. Stay connected effortlessly with Apple CarPlay (Wired) and Android AutoTM (Wired) compatibility. Access your favorite apps, receive calls, send texts, and enjoy music, all while keeping your focus on the road. The iLX-W670 brings the power of your smartphone to your car’s display. Unleash the full potential of your music with the 13-band graphic EQ, 6-channel time correction, and versatile crossovers for the front speakers, rear speakers, and subwoofer. The iLX-W670 gives you the tools to fine-tune your sound to perfection. Measuring only 2.4” deep, the iLX-W670 features an ultra-shallow chassis that is PowerStack capable, allowing you to mount the Alpine KTA-450 or KTA-200M Power Pack Amplifiers (sold separately) directly to the back. This award-winning design allows you to add more power to your sound system while occupying the same depth as a traditional 2-DIN radio. With an integrated camera input, he Alpine iLX-W670 allows you to add a front or rear-view camera to your vehicle making parking and maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze. Stay connected and hands-free on the road with Bluetooth Hands-free. Simply pair your smartphone with the iLX-W670 and take calls, stream music, and navigate through your playlist without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. Experience your music in the highest possible audio quality with the iLX-W670's support for FLAC audio files. This lossless audio format provides a superior listening experience, allowing you to enjoy every detail of your favorite music as it was meant to be heard. Stream your favorite personalized radio stations from Pandora directly from the iLX-W670 via Apple Carplay or Android Auto. With easy access to your stations, skip, and thumbs up/down controls, you can stay focused on the road while enjoying your music. Stream your favorite songs and playlists from Spotify directly from the iLX-W670 via Apple Carplay or Android Auto. With voice control, you can access your music and browse playlists without ever taking your hands off the wheel. Get real-time traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions, and alternative routes with the iLX-W670's integration with Waze maps via Apple Carpaly or Android Auto. Never get stuck in traffic again and arrive at your destination on time and stress-free. With the iLX-W670's compatibility with SiriusXM, you can enjoy your favorite satellite radio stations on the go. With a subscription, you'll have access to commercial-free music, sports, news, and entertainment. Features 6.75" Touchscreen Display Standard Double-Din Fitment 5-Color Key Illumination (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White) Customizable Home Screen (Add your own background image)  Apple Carplay® (Wired) Android Auto™ (Wired) Bluetooth® Hands-Free SiriusXM-Ready® PowerStack™ Capable (Mount the Alpine KTA-200M or KTA-450 amplifiers directly to the back) Lighting Link Control (Compatible with Alpine PrismaLink™ Subwoofers; S2-SB8, S2-SB10, & S2-SB12) Sound Boost Menu (Bass Boost, Mid-Bass Boost, and Subwoofer Controls) Specifications Screen Size: 6.75” Screen Resolution: 800 x 480px AUX Input: 1 Camera Input: 1 USB Input: 1 4V Pre-Outs: 3 (Front, Rear, and Subwoofer) Built-in Amplifier: 16W RMS x 4 EQ: 13-Band Graphic Time Correction: 6-Channel Crossovers: Front, Rear, and Subwoofer Audio Playback: AAC, FLAC, MP3, WMA Video Playback: AVC, FLV, H.264, MP4, MPEG-4, MKV,  MOV Alpine iLX-W670 Manual Part 1Alpine iLX-W670 Manual Part 2

    1 Available for pickup



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