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Escort Radar Detectors

With over 40 years of industry leading performance, detection is in their DNA.

Escort has continually developed and patented advanced technology that eliminates false alerts and created a breakthrough award-winning app, ESCORT Live, that empowers drivers with crowd-sourced, real-time alerts coupled with verified radar & laser alerts from other users. With a community of millions of drivers on the road, ESCORT has created a limitless range of detection and premium driving experience for the next generation.

Today's roads are brimming with traffic traps and speed enforcement. From red light and speed cameras, to radar and laser guns, drivers must navigate their way through a range of distractions. The ESCORT Live app combined with ESCORT's patented sensor-based detection systems optimize your driving experience with ticket protection. So whether you're taking a road trip or a short commute, the ESCORT Live app enables drivers to receive and share accurate alerts in real-time from the exclusive community of ESCORT Live users.

Enhanced Map View with direction up mode, embedded traffic, night mode, and auto-zoom based on vehicle speed for improved navigation capabilities.
Pop-Up Alerts mirror the detector display to clearly warn of upcoming driving threats while simultaneously providing contextual information from the Map View.
New Cloudsource™ Platform intelligently aggregates and displays information from multiple sources including sensors, databases, and user input, ensuring driver alerts are always relevant, timely and accurate.
Get Directions provides routing information to get you to your destination while avoiding delays.
Car Finder makes it easy to find your vehicle, even in the most confusing parking lots.

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