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Alpine KTE-S50G : 5 1/4" Speaker Grille
Alpine KTE-S65G : 6.5" Speaker Grille
Alpine KTE-S69G : 6x9" Speaker Grille
Alpine PWE-S8 : 8" 120W Subwoofer System
Alpine R-A60F : 100W x 4ch @ 4Ω AmplifierAlpine R-A60F : 100W x 4ch @ 4Ω Amplifier, input and output section.
Alpine R-S65.2 : 6.5" 100W Coaxial Speakers
Alpine R-S69.2 : 6x9" 100W Coaxial Speakers
Alpine S-S10TW : Pair of 100W RMS Tweeters
Alpine S-S40 : 4" 45W RMS Coaxial Speakers
Alpine S-S57 : 5x7" 75W RMS Coaxial Speakers
Alpine S-S65 : 6.5" 80W RMS Coaxial Speakers
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Alpine S-S69 : 6x9" 85W RMS Coaxial Speakers
Alpine S-W8D : 8" 300W Subwoofer, 2Ω or 4Ω DVC

Alpine Automotive Electronics

Alpine continues to produce products that meet and exceed the needs of their customers. Their passion and dedication are found in their products that aim at enhancing the fun and active lifestyles of the customer. Insights based on extensive customer research have driven them to create products that give you the power to experience great music in all your adventures.

With extensive experience in developing vehicle-specific solutions, Alpine has expanded their lineup with upgrade solutions that directly fit the most popular trucks and sedans. These easy-to-install solutions will give you the freedom to take your music anywhere.

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